Head Office:
Jalan Raya Kebayoran Lama
No. 194 A Blok B IV & V
(021) 7261526, 7221206
(021) 7265484

louserLouserindo Megah Permai (LMP) is a limited company (P.T) established on 18 may in the year 1987 under the decree of government (state) of the republic of Indonesia number 36 dated May 4th, 1990. The founders of the company are three persons, basically who were used to be a field technician of an established elevator company in Jakarta.

Its activities were started with a small workshop to do any modification of existing elevators including renovation and refurbishment of all kind of elevators and escalators. It also accepted a partial installation jobs as a sub contractors and later to undertake regular maintenance service and mayor repair of old installations.

Manufacturing activities started with small orders to supply and install freight elevators and dumbwaiters from there on; in 1990 the company gained lot of experiences on the materials selection inquiries, and detail specification of a system. The factory grows rapidly in line with demand for the growing building construction. Orders came from all over Indonesia even from the remote town, like Banda Aceh to Irian Jaya located at the westend of the archipelago.

LMP is capable of supplying and producing a complete installation of passenger elevators, including bed, service, freight and panoramic elevators of acceptable quality. LMP intend to be leader of the national vertical transportation manufacturer, yet the management need new ideas from customers, guidance from the government institution and the reliant organization as well.

LMP management has decided to invest a lot of money buy building anew factory to replace the existing one now atTangerang, and also Surabaya.

This new manufacturing facility will be located at Cikande Balaraja about 50 km further west from Tangerang, a premise of 20.000 m2.

Many new extended components shall be produced, such as door operator, door hanger, and door case, safety shoes, fixtures and main controller. The local content of a complete units shall be increased from about 40% to about 70%. The approval from the Ministry of Industry on the quality standard (SNI) is being processed and doing some repairing for a few part.

We have done supply and installation lift with speed until 240 m/m, this improved by high rise building that we have been installed, for instance : Manggala WanaBhakti, BPK Building, RSIA Banda Aceh, RSUD Bekasi, Sarinah Thamrin Building, TVRI Tower, Wisma Nusantara, SCTV, and others building that we can not mention on by one.

Due, developmental of technology in Lift industry, we always keep onward movement and never lost of quality with lift abroad production. Then we build up the personal employee in our company with send them to learn elevator and escalator in oversea with our principle company or join exhibition.

Our company was cooperate with others elevator and escalator company in abroad for licensed motor and controller, so that we capable assembling motor and controller by our own factory.